$GEVO in March you will retreat this price buy and hold Go go $GEVO

This is the future

$FF golden cross closing the day Friday. MA50 crossed MA200 in uptrend with big green candle to end the day. Bullish chart primed for 52 week highs. Biodiesel and Lithium Ion company lagging behind all others don’t miss this breakout! $GEVO $AMTX $sunw $POLA

$GEVO Not sure if anyone saw but $REGI (Renewable Energy) CEO was on Mad Money tonight and this resurgence AH of GEVO was definitely in benefit of their CEO talking up the Renewable Energy sector. She mentioned that the new administration has already been talking to companies in the Renewable Energy industry and that the demand is going to grow quickly. REGI is producing way more gallons per year (495 million gallons) than GEVO and the stock price reflects that as it's hovering at $94/share. That being said, If GEVO can get financing from CITI locked up and start to build tha

@RationalReason how is $GEVO fuel different than $REGI fuel? i have both but I realized $GEVO’s market cap is reaching $REGI’s. Is the main difference in the octane rating?


I have a strong feeling that OEG is just like DPW they manipulate and control it so tightly, I will be leaving OEG tomorrow if it hits $4.80.
Also I wrote two emails to them last week they did not have a professional courtesy to respond to either one of my emails

I will be out of this by tomorrow. I will take my money to $OPTT and $GEVO

$GEVO if you remember $NVAX they run from 4$ to 189$ last year. GEVO can go over 100$ the way it look. Joe Biden already signed to go back to Paris climate agreement and Joe select Co founder of Gevo into his administration team. this is crazy man.

$ITP Mask mandate signed.
Prosper Chinese economy with democrats.
Q4 strong results with good profitability
What else you need?
Mark this


$ITP that’s right folks 1.6 million in after hours trading volume. 55mil diring intraday. HUGE mask play and catalyst coming at the end of the week.

$2.75 PT but $1.40-1.50 first. Great end of day call there. Should see $$1-1.20 premarket


$GEVO With 2bln extra finance - it will shoot 20 dollar !!

$GEVO hah on cramer someone called in for goev. I thought he said gevo at first

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