$LINK.X diversified, $GBTC greyscale new LINK trust means price goes up. $BTC.X Bitcoin people should ride the wave up... can always convert to BTC later

On Dec 23rd I posted that Grayscale was dumping $XRP.X and was starting a $LINK.X trust and I got shit on by the Ripple community.. crazy how 5 days earlier Grayscale filed the Grayscale Chainlink Trust in Delaware.. it’s almost like I know what I’m talking about 🧐🤫

Ripple still has the worst community in the biz..

Still huge news for Chainlink🔮


$LINK.X I saw an article that Digital currency asset manager Grayscale to open a Chainlink Trust (LINK) Similar to $GBTC

$BTC.X Rinky Dink Shorts $GBTC Premium Yeah, I’m Bout This

$GBTC "Guggenheim Global CIO Scott Minerd said he expects that Bitcoin (BTC-USD) will retrace back to $20,000, according to interview on CNBC"

Translation: We want to buy more bitcoin please sell it to us cheaper.

@Fitness_Finance@666SatOSHIs Haha! Bulls $BTC.X $GBTC Premium Node

$GBTC $BTC.X consolidation here is awesome.

Just think we have been holding 30K plus for a few weeks.

Does anyone remember $20K ?

If this dips to 28k/30k it is considered bullish and we will be talking about the days we had the chance to buy at $35k.

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