$ADA.X why is this shitcoin trending and $FUBO isn’t. Someone explain what’s going on.

Stocks (under $40) to watch this week 🤙


• Between $1 and $2: NOVN, AVGR, IBIO, UONEK, SENS

• Between $2 and $5: AMC, IDEX, NEXT, CHNR, OBSV

• Between $5 and $10: BNGO, BB, SRNE, FRSX, VXRT

• Between $10 and $20: TLRY, FCEL, APHA, CCIV, CLOV

• Between $20 and $30: MARA, RIOT, LAC, DDD, PLTR

• Between $30 and $40: $SPCE, $GME, $FUBO, $PLTK, $CGC

These are just a handful of ideas compiled based on various factors e.g. catalysts, scheduled ERs, possible chart continuation/reversal, unusual options activi

Howdy, team! Hope you all are having a nice weekend.

Last week, we finished with 18/19 day trade winners with an average highest potential gain of 50.43% per trade ✅ Our biggest day trade winner that week was VOXX 1/15 $22.5 calls on Tuesday — up 300% after the alert 🔥

Early this week, I'm watching $AMC, $FCEL, $GME, $SPCE, $FUBO, LMND, ZOM, SNDL, CCIV, and BNGO. Stay tuned for my comprehensive watchlist for the week on Monday evening.

Let's keep the profits pouring in!!! 🤜🤛


Open a brokerage account w

$FUBO would have reaction the next 2 trading days from current price levels 🧿 . $NASDAQ min 34.30$ or max 35.60$ After will see again .. $TICK

Top holdings currently $TSLA $LAC $PTON $BFT $FUBO. Guess I need to get a #biotech back in the top 5. $LAC is defin… https://t.co/mXqn2ckuVF

$CLOV $CLVR $CCIV $GHIV $PCPL $FUBO All are so nice that I am really confused what should I buy first 😂 Did enough… https://t.co/pAlC5pSu1T

$LAC this one is a winner. long term runner and my largest holding since $9. $AXL $GAN $FUBO $LMNL

RT@thejarius: +20% on investments this week, nice way to head into the 3-day weekend. Got my eye on $CLOV $SNDL $BNGO $APHA $GRWG $FUBO $V…

$DMYD looks like this is aging nicely. $DMYD deserves more love though.


Wednesday Dow closes -8 and we close out +$17,165 with $GEVO &; $FUBO and carry +$26,236 with $GME #stocks

$NGA $RMO $CCIV $FUBO the best part about what crammer said "I like to invest in companies that aren't just at the drawing board... and have actual products already" THATS EXACTLY WHY I LOVE THESE 4 THE MOST, SALES FROM DAY ONE, AND HYPER GROWTH FROM THE GET

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