$FSR Anyone else planning on buying an Ocean from the profits of owning FSR? I know I am. Living on Lake Michigan though, I kind of wish he had a "Great Lakes" trim option...or color scheme.

$FSR This is what Filipino Queen is posting on other boards. Time for me to Block and Mute this manic depressive little child. I wish she weren’t invested here.

Semiconductor Troubles Rocking the Whole Sector ... it's a BIG PROBLEM !

$FSR institutional ownership down 3.7% from 41.5% to 37.8% and insider ownership down 0.1% from 1.6% to 1.5%


💥💥 Fisker+Magna+Foxxcon
💥💥💥💥 $FSR

$FSR hey can someone post all of henrik fisker’s tweets? I am not on Twitter (on purpose) but would be happy to see them here. Or just new ones. I loved the one I just saw about fundamentals. Also, sell a covered call!

SweepCast observed: $FSR with Unusual Options Activity Alerted on $16 CALL Expiring: 05-07-2021 worth 32K🐂 |🎯 See Profile For Link &; Learn About Unusual Options Activity 🎯 |

$FSR can we just get the hell out of the teens for good?

$FSR Fisker isn’t trying to build its own infrastructure. Instead, it’s partnering with automotive giant Magna (NYSE:MGA) for not just manufacturing but engineering and “platform sharing” as well.

$FSR coming down off a surge in chatter on /r/wallstreetbets earlier in the week

Via topstonks.com/stocks/fsr?st_fsr

#FSR #WallStreetBets

$FSR looking up through the Jacksonville FLA bridge as we drive back from Hilton Head Island GA; Congrats to all the Bulls who bought as we head toward 2022 there will be many notable news events upcoming:
-Fleet Orders from the other four to five Henrik spoke about in the Auto Podcast - Next Two Milestones from both FoxConn and MAGNA - update on progress of the third EV platform as VW negations continue per Henrik on Investor Podcast saying negotiations have never ended - Auto show and Fisker Reveal later in 2021 -EMaaS leasing projections finally get added into estimates by analysts b

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