Best trading chatroom! Another great week! Gains of over 2400% and over 18% returns!! A big thank you to this community.

$CCIV I'm still bullish but I also agree what this guy said is true. https://youtu.be/H6bl5O0msAs
The more bulls here makes me worried even more tbh. I was following QELL that was rumored to merge with proterra but it went to ACTC instead. Also, BTWN that was rumored to merge with indonesia amazon is also no news nearly 2months. PSTH-stripe/bloomberg no news the past 4months.

I go heavy in cciv but this info just made me worried. I am heavy in $FRSX $BNGO too but holding these 2 let me sleep sound at night thinking it can safely go up 30-50% this week. For CCIV i t

Another great week! Gains of over 2400% and over 18% returns!! A big thank you to this community.

Stocks (under $40) to watch this week 🤙


• Between $1 and $2: NOVN, AVGR, IBIO, UONEK, SENS

• Between $2 and $5: AMC, IDEX, NEXT, CHNR, OBSV

• Between $5 and $10: $BNGO, $BB, $srne, $FRSX, $GEVO

• Between $10 and $20: TLRY, FCEL, APHA, CCIV, CLOV

• Between $20 and $30: MARA, RIOT, LAC, DDD, PLTR

• Between $30 and $40: SPCE, GME, FUBO, PLTK, CGC

These are just a handful of ideas compiled based on various factors e.g. catalysts, scheduled ERs, chart continuation/reversal, mass sentiment etc. to provide y


$DM - Forming a double bottom breakout on charts. Can break 52week high.

$BB - Settled legal Spat with Facebook. Sold patents to Huawei. Need to run above $10 to continue higher.

$ACOR - got price target upgrade of $35 from analyst. Consolidating nice. Looking for double digits soon.

$FRSX - the company's Eye-Net Mobile subsidiary initiated a pilot project with a global Japanese vehicle manufacturer. Massive run last week. Could cross double digits.

$SAVA - Got a huge price upgrade. Can see this

$FRSX I cut 1/2 of my position from $CCIV of 500 shares and got an extra 1100 of foresight shares.... will I regret it tomorrow or is it a win win? Just a matter of winning less?

$CCIV or $FRSX which one is going to take the rocket 🚀 higher???

$CCIV still a trending topic at 4:29am on a Sunday... This might be a double dipper for me Tuesday. my eyes are on $FRSX as well!!! Who else excited for Tuesday, Lets get that bag 💼

$FRSX there are a lot of companies with no revenue let along a physical building that trades 20.00 to 30.00 a share. Example $LAC This is a multi-billion dollar company.

Foresight Autonomous among consumer gainers; GameStop and Village Farms International among losers $GSMG $FRSX $CLXT $CHUY $DOGZ


$VHC Breaking news, 20 minutes ago!
VirnetX market cap is $400m, they are getting $663m from Apple + royalties !!! Why is this going down?

VirnetX vs Apple final judgment has been unsealed. Court denies Apple motion for retrial and confirms $503m jury verdict. Court also awards VirnetX costs, $0.84 ongoing royalty, and an additional $160m in interest. Also watching $DBVT and $FRSX


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