When you don’t care if the price of $FCEL $GEVO $PLUG $CLNE $PAVM go up or down or whatever...everything cares you a crap!

$OEG $FCEL $GEVO $PLUG $BLDP here is everything are on the downside again. Selling off for all the cl energy stocks this week, I guess. Period comes…

$BLDP is overvalued. Time to switch to $ADN my friends!

They are going to partner with $BA.
DoD is already working with them. $FCEL is one of their customers.


Guys, have you look at your watchlists?
All red?
All green?
More one than the other?

Where is the money moving too?

I am starting to see a pattern!!

Biden is a shortseller!!..he is with citadel!! 🤣🤣😂😂🤭🤭

$CHPT and $FCEL are my next winners. Took profit from MVIS and moving capital here. Good luck everyone!

Mon Apr 26
Most active stocks this morning:

OCGN: +25.2%
MVIS: +26.4%
AMC: +7.9%
CCIV: +11.7%
GE: +2.1%
$CIDM: +5.5%
$AMD: +3.3%
$AAPL: +0.2%
$AAL: +3.1%
$FCEL: +1.0%

click here for a visual version:

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