@Peyerit $ALGO.X can be used fundamentally as payment and for advances in tech, such as creating NFTs and other apps on the blockchain. Whenever people start realizing that $DOGE.X is useless and NOT long term, they’ll regret not having ALGO in their portfolio and/or wallet 🚀📈... ALGO is SIGNIFICANTLY more useful than $ETH.X and $BTC.X when it comes down to cost and speed of transactions

$LINK.X this will go parabolic after 50 which we can possible see tonight ! $aave.x $BNB.X $ETH.X $BTC.X

$LINK.X Link is EXTREMELY undervalued right now. It is sitting at about 0.8% dominance over the crypto market. It is without doubt a top 5 coin and it honestly should be #3 right behind $ETH.X. Once it gets to the top 5 again, expect similar dominance to $XRP.X which currently has about 3%. If $LINK.X has 3% of a 10 trillion dollar market cap (a figure many reputable people are expecting this year), that would put Chainlink’s market cap at $300 billion dollars, and it’s current market cap is only about $20 billion. So I wouldn’t be surprised if we 15x this year, putting each Ch

$ETC.X not a bubble people... CASH IS TRASH... Boomers won't know what hit them when $BTC.X is a million+ and $ETC.X $ETH.X $ADA.X $XRP.X are many multiples higher.

$XTZ.X Tezos is confused, it doesn't know to follow $BTC.X or $ETH.X , but still goes down with both.

$SOS earnings soon guys! Crypto hotter then it’s ever been and the short sellers reports about to get blown out of the water. Expected revenue up 228% year over year making them the cheapest multi year multiple hundred % gainer stock out there and in the hottest sector there is. Hope everyone is gathering everything they can while the scared investors are picking their nose $BTC.X $ETH.X

@9owls Via Flexa Network and $AMP.X coin. Instant settlements for $BTC.X $ETH.X $LTC.X etc.. Stockpile $AMP.X while you can.


My bags of Bitcoin, Ethreum, and HMBL are getting heavy from all the loading up. My HMBL is getting to the point of a massive spike. WEB 3 is here and it will make the loyal followers of these stocks rather wealthy. Never a better time to buy than now. These investments keep getting better with time. Saddle up and expect a massive bull run from Bitcoin 75k - 100k is in the sites and ETH should see 5K-8K before the year. HMBL should retest $2's soon and then we are off.

I look forward to seeing all of you across the Finnish line!

Good Lu

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