$ETH.X Ethereum πŸš€$ETC.X Ethereum Classic also starting πŸš€ that one is still cheap vs what % eth has done. $BTC.X

$ETC.X@Slurms_MacKenzie hey bro...... you good? I’m worried about you bud. Hit me back just a chat truly yours your biggest fan this is dan.

$ETC.X Once RH opens up crypto deposits and withdrawals, this will instantly drop to the price on other exchanges from arbitrage. Not being a bear, just something to keep in mind. Buy anywhere but RH.

$ETC.X and if BTC could move its fat ass... We'd be in even better shape lol


Honestly has anyone heard from@Slurms_MacKenzie ?

I’m a little worried. Last I heard he was shorting again at $49.

I know he must have lost most of his money in the move to past $56.

I really hope he’s not buying on margin

$ETH.X Made plenty, moving most into $ETC.X and $BCH.X for now. Shorted $DOGE.X from ~$0.42 to ~$0.26, but the bubble still has some life in it and no point not taking advantage of the stupidity. Given the $50 price on ETC and $5.9 billion in value, compared to ETH at $3.4k/$392 billion, it's likely to get pumped from name alone.

For anyone actually wanting a long term investment, Ethereum is a significantly better protocol with far more real world use cases outside of the "HLOD" pyramid scheme of Bitcoin's "store of value".

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