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RT@TraderLuke1: #ES_F #SP500 #trading #SPX $ES
Dailyplan 17-6 September Contract!!!
Neutral Zone 4200/4205
Long above, target 4213/4218, 4…

$ES $ES_F $SPX $SPY daytrading thread 6/17/21

Don't think anyone expected the magnitude of the crash Jerome gifted…

RT@FadeMeIfYouCan: 17 Jun 2021@Oanda

$SPX $SPY $ES⬆️4163🎯4175, 4191 ⬇️ 4219 🎯4191,4175
$NDX $NQ $QQQ ⬆️13813🎯13895⬇️ 13963🎯13895, 13821…

15 Jun 2021@Oanda

$SPX $SPY $ES ⬆️4227🎯4239 ⬇️4263 🎯4245
$NDX $NQ $QQQ ⬆️14071🎯14105 ⬇️14195 🎯14107

$SPX $SPY $ES I believe we are going to 4500 plus but also believe we need a correction to bring PEs back to histor…

RT@korinek_trades: $SPY BREAKOUT!


Played out beautifully guys!


Higher low.

BUY dips above our 420 invalidation lo…

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