Analyst/Industry Conference Call. Jan 21st @ 11am.

Sustainability Analyst Shen discusses how the ITC extension impacts 2021 residential solar 2021 volumes, pricing, and constraints through the ecosystem and how COVID-19 impacts US Residential Solar.


$CSIQ How is this not over $100? Insane to be able to load down here versus the likes of $ENPH $SEDG

$ENPH a year or so ago I loaded up on the short seller report. My first "big bet" on a single stock.

Was enticed at the prospect of the same with $CLSK but after reading the report and doing more due diligence, I don't see it. This one has more substance than the ENPH report.

Key differences for CLSK:
1. No clear track record of performance
2. Margins of a hardware company, claiming to be a software company. This has been said before, but rings true to me.
3. ENPH (along with ($SEDG) are positioned different in the solar market vs

$AMRS I am wondering if Ive made a similar mistake in this space as I did in Solar....where I focused only on $ENPH and didnt buy other solars...given $GEVO and $CDXS have made pretty big moves...anyone else having similar thoughts, or something they think is still a buy? (Caveat, Im short $BLI so not that one)

@Hassan23 If it makes you feel better, it's not just $FCEL. Most other stocks dropped AF, including $PLUG, $GEVO, $ENPH, etc.

18 hours of the Orange Buffoon left....hang on folks, we've almost made it. $ENPH $CLSK

$ENPH Hey are there any renewables I need to know about trading around the $5-$20 range that I might of missed. I'm currently in $ENG (900) $IEA (950) and my one true love $ENPH (550). I missed the boat on $GEVO although I expect a 20-30% pull back tomorrow, Thanks for the tips.

$HYSR Last chance for these prices after some healthy consolidation! $TSLA $PLUG $GEVO $ENPH

šŸ„“šŸ„“šŸ˜„šŸ˜„ after the report ( connect the dots.
Something doesn't work here.

I would like to hear something about these facts from Tom.

$GME $PLUG $MSFT $BB $ENPH can bears just get their own app? Iā€™m tired of seeing all the negativity that they bring to Stocktwits

$WWR Every EV car battery as well as all the battery's for home and business storage all need our product. $TSLA $ENPH $GNRC $NGA
Massive government stimulus coming as well as EV and Energy Storage company's strategic investments/partnerships.

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