@Moon_W4lk $HTOO and $ENG are so undervalued!!! When this hits the wire, it is going to be a kaboummm


German Tech Giant Places Major Bet On Green Hydrogen

“On average, green hydrogen production costs will equal fossil fuel-based hydrogen by 2040. In some countries, such as Germany, that arrives by 2030. Given the scale up we’ve seen so far, the 2020s is likely to be the decade of hydrogen,” the author of the report, senior research analyst Ben Gallagher wrote, adding, “Rising fossil fuel prices will boost green competitiveness, further strengthening the case for this technology in the coming years.”


$DPW use your brains!!
They bought 7% of a company that went up over 30% and will keep going! Meaning they just made stacksss📈
Doesn’t justify an 8% dip in their stock.



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$ENG this is going to RUN today. I’d say get in now while it’s still early. $PLUG $FCEL $GEVO $CLSK

$IDEX 🕵🏻‍♂️🔦 I am interested. Let’s hear who has the best pitch. Ready set go! It’ll be worth your wild.

Best Wishes,

All clean energy stocks and building the infrastructure for clean energy stocks.

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been staying up til 2-3am every night the last three weeks looking for these kind of plays. 💎

I won’t stop until I hit a million in the account, I promise you that. 🤝

$ENG Great look on this chart theyre going a long way from here, check out $OEG great next up and coming behind this and $GEVO

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