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LOL. Love the 80s wrestling! And I'm feeling your strategy, exploiting that wick exhaustion will get you paid, in and out like a robbery lol..

My motto see profit, take profit for the most part except in my swings. I let those bad boys run into targets, might take a few weeks.. I'm swingin $TRCH $EH $F and the new acquisition friday $LOTZ. TRCH has been great! I'm up over 65% on that puppy r/n, and I'll start slowly scaling out shares over the next few weeks as this "news" hits about a merger and special d

SweepCast alerted: $EH with Unusual Options Activity Alerted on $40 CALL Expiring: 06-18-2021 worth 152K🐂 |🎯 Visit Us To See More;name=CALL&;strike=$40&;type=TRADE&;pre=$152K&;exp=06-18-2021 🎯 |

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3rd Half :

$GME - Expecting another strong run today if it's able to hold up its momentum. 1st support level $206 &; 2nd support level around $190. We need to break $250 to confirm the uptrend.

$EH - Juicy and tempting price, this was trading over $100 couple months ago. ER will be released on June, 04th. Easy 30+ before the earnings report.

$CAN - Set to report earnings tomorro

$EH LET'S GO $13!!! $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13

$EH "Bounce after open," "buy under $30," and "it will go up someday" are from users here. THIS STOCK IS TRASH. ONLY BUY AT $13. How much money can ya'll afford to lose?

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