@HotBitcoins $EDSA Nice pick man! ...Going up up up to $25 eventually. :)

To see future to make money double:
$SAII - 6 months (sell target 20+)
$EDSA - 01 month (sell target 10+)
$LMFA - 03 weeks (sell target 3+)
$ADMP - 02 weeks (sell target 3+)
$BPTH - 02 months (sell target 20+, if test results positive)
VYNE - 02 months (sell target 3.5+)
CODX - 3 weeks (sell target 18+)
UAMY - 1 month (sell target 1.5+)
CLII - 3 months (sell target 50+)
SHLS - 6 months (sell target 60+)

$CYTH low float bios are hot but this one looks like it’s going to take some more time. Closed the position here for small gains but definitely keeping my eye on it $EDSA $GBS

$AVXL $EDSA hitting that 100% overnight. Can’t wait for that morning here. Our day will come!

$EDSA premarket is booming. $AMC is going bonkers and $ZOM keeps pumping out news! Stacking up on $LAC and not still not sure about $CCIV.

$EDSA The number of shortable shares display on IB is climbing from 35k to 44k end of last week to now 55k. Seems like regular shorts (who borrow before shorting) are covering. Of course, the MM can do naked shortselling, but maybe we have seen the low!

$EDSA You have to laugh. Those selling now, will be tripping over their keyboards buying back in when it next nudges $7.

$EDSA Hey, a lot of people have been waiting on this for a long time... Not at all surprised some people took some small profits and left. Many people have expressed impatience waiting for this to go over their average for months now. So expected some people would cut and run at their first chance...

Now it's time to really make some serious money.... You all ready?

$EDSA Seeing a lot of negativity on the thread. Meanwhile I am looking for another cheap snatch of shares teehee

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