$SOS $EBON $BTC.X $BFARF post 50% off ,seems like a good buying opportunities

I had no buying power but, during the low this morning I exchanged a large portion of my $SOS contracts for duscounted $EBON premiums. I more than doubled the quantity of contracts I have, In hopes the volume pays off during the round. Good luck out there God bless! 🙏

$EQOS 🚨 gap filled just like $SOS 🆘 low floater extremely oversold like $RIOT and $MARA $EBON 👀

$SOS $AMC $EBON $EQOS We are good to go. Powell says inflation is still 'soft' and the Fed is committed to current policy stance

$KROEF $SOS $EBON $RIOT time to buy the dip! What a gift. You’re an idiot if you think the crypto bull run is over

RT@sungpkim: This made me laugh so hard... needed this on a red day .. 😂 $CCIV


Likely on the sidelines until the small cap correction is done. Looking forward to grabbing some discounted $SPY $ZOM $ADTX $DFFN $EBON

Don’t even look at the market today. It’s tanking and it might tank tomorrow too.
I roll to March while roll one and enjoy 😉
Wake &; Bake Trade &; Laid

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