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Not only is is no more!!!! But Lordstown Week is literally days away! This has a huge impact to stocks like $MVIS, HBML, $CLOV, PCT, $EBON, RIDE

Top tickers from the Smart Money Highest OTM % Weekly Recap courtesy of real-time alerts and dashboard from
1. YVR
6. RFP
10. CVM
11. $LMNL
12. $CSTM
13. $IMVT
14. $LODE
15. $EBON
16. HL
17. OEG
18. TDOC
19. WISH
20. ALT

$AMC@broseus8 all is forgiven! Not even close to being done! $AMCX $SOS $EBON

$EBON out for a bit...going to take the army ride with $BB for a ride to 20

$SOS $MARA $RIOT $EBON hedge with crypto, fast way to earn back your losses quick. Yes, it is not as easily accessible as equity but it's worth the move as these are bleeding. II suggest $HOGE.X, just a suggestion but got us exchanges coming soon and stands out from the rest of these meme coins. Up 130% just this week


take a second to flip through the boards

youll see the exact same shit in every single board, just a bunch of Bashing to sway your decisions lmao

$SOS - wow... just astonishing at this current market... just unreal.

$SOS $EBON $RIOT $MARA global markets are dumping because of US inflation fears. FAANG stocks are losing $billions in pre-market and taking the Nasdaq down with them, hard.

Even if nobody was shorting, Nasdaq listed stocks would still be getting crushed today.

Excellent trading opportunity if you can resist taking action until the dust settles.

$EBON $SOS $MARA $RIOT hang in there team... Been very tough but if you holding bags big or small there is literally no point selling now... We are in a volatile market which means it will swing up aswell as down. Am I right in saying RIOT is the next to release earnings? This could be the catalyst for the entire sector. We all know the sector is undervalued right now. Whales will be the big winners here. Everyone goes shopping in the sales yet when it happens to a stock everyone panicks and sells not buys.... Buy the lows

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