Go long people! My wife has been using the Eversense CGM for over a year. It's life changing and better than $DXCM. Once we we're allowed to use the 180 day sensor in the US this should easily outsell $DXCM.

4 S&;P 500 Stocks to Buy That'll Make You Richer in 2021@themotleyfool #stocks $FB $^GSPC $AVGO $MA $DXCM https://t.co/Dk5XzRj6xK

Best 3-year total returns in S&;P 500 as of 1/8/2021: 1. Tesla $TSLA (1207.96%), 2. Etsy $ETSY (764.42%), 3. Advanced Micro Devices Inc $AMD (670.2%), 4. DexCom $DXCM (600.02%), 5. Paycom $PAYC (421.18%). Average 3-year total return to all stocks in the index was 46.72% #3YearBest

$MGNI Spruce published strong sell on $DXCM 18 months ago...this guy is a joke...almost never right

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