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@ThiccTickers I still have 200K $DSCR that I will hold on too but IMO $TRCH and $MMATF are a once in a lifetime opportunity with the current setup here. 😎

@IGTGP24 been bag holding $DSCR for a while. Unload for $TRCH first thing?

$CLOV lets go!!!! $DSCR is the next run. Hell of a Monday

RT@OCDstocks: Look at the news for $VMHG. They’ll be manufacturing their own yachts $CRGP $CYDY $DSCR $EEGI $ENZC $GGII $GME $GMER $GOLD

Good thing $DSCR tokens are $USDT.X based. ALl the crypto junkies that are jumping the bitcoin ship will bring their money here.

$AABB $DSCR this is hilarious the competition here. One of these is going to go nuts in the short term. I don’t know which that’s why I hold large positions in both. I win either way. Go hug your mothers. See you in the morning. GLTA. $DOGE.X $ETH.X $BTC.X

$DSCR imagine people who gave up their $ETH.X for AABBG in March.... That's why you need fiat transactions. Don't give up appreciating assets when you can give up inflated USD for and get $BTC.X $GLD $SLV and $ETH.X coverage.

$DSCR Crypto CALIFORNIA GOLD rush 2.0!! History will repeat itself!! Cali has a Crypto COIN(DSG)!! CALIFORNIA GOLD mines backed Crypto!!

Calling Doggy Coin and Crypto Crew for support and attention $DOGE.X $ETH.X $ADA.X $BTC.X

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