$DOGE.X oh scalpers we buying your doges woof woof

$DOGE.X Don’t be the guy talking about how you had all this doge in 10 years. Be the guy holding all that doge.

$DOGE.X can we see another break outttttttt. Dogecoin family for life

$DOGE.X honestly tempted to sell half and keep the other half in but WE RIDIN THIS OUTTTT

$DOGE.X it’s repeating the same pattern over and over it goes up takes some gains consolidates the moons again. It’s been happening all day. Elon’s buying all the whales selling off. This things not even close to finished🚀🚀

$DOGE.X All the Bears are now becoming financial advisor. Hahahah
You dont worry about our money you just save your AH...its getting Dip. Hahah


bears suck!

bears suck!

bears suck!

bears suck

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