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Definitely dissaointed. Not with the hodlers, not with the coin, but the blatant manipulation of all This. With that said, I will be focusing way more on $Hex.x . Much much more sound and no manipulation

$GME $nakd $SNDL MEME stocks running so why $DOGE.X is not ? Ohh yeah that freaking POS of $BTC.X dragging it down like always !!

$XSPA $AMC $DOGE.X $GME shorts are refusing to cover (10s of millions stuck) and we are moving up on the news of additions to the Russell Micro Cap index. This will be epic.

$AMC $GME $BB $DOGE.X $GBS how about all apes and newbies take some of that profit and support amc, help put shady heggies out of business!!!!

$BTC.X once plebs realize they got played they would wish they listened to me. I only have the best interest for the community! I make it we all make it… don’t believe in $DOGE.X or $AMC or $GME straight gambling stocks.

$DOGE.X inflation will be wiped on the market on tickers like these. $AMC $GME.

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