$BLRX $VXRT $prpo $FAMI $DOGE $XLM.X sold some of prpo and fami yesterday so now on watch. Good luck trading

$KIMJ.X an amazing community, a growing family we are going to to the moon together 🚀🚀🚀 $BTX.X $ETH.X $DOGE $XRP.X

$XRP.X price is getting paused due to all the $DOGE movement. Wait for $DOGE to crash hard

We completely revamped our crypto charts last week. Tons of great stuff to use now - anchored vwap, technical indicators, automated support and resistance lines, etc. Going to share some videos on swing and day trading crypto using these charts and features. 💪


In the case of $DOGE above, we broke the resistance, fell back on the newly formed support, and just a rocket after that. Easy peasy - it was posted over the weekend at 0.35 from our Cryptonite tool.

$BTC.X dogecoin out doing us again. I'm about ready to sell and go all in on $DOGE

$XRP.X should I buy XRP or buy more DOGE?? $DOGE $DOGE.X?

I can buy XRP today or DoGE tomorrow

$BTC.X its not late get into doge as soon as you can...$DOGE is to stay and useable

$GME $BTC.X $ETH.X I wouldn't be surprised if $DOGE keeps going after $1 without any major dip with Fomo like Gamestop. Lol

Why does BTC always be killing our vibe and momentum :/

$DOGE $DOGE.X $BTC.X $LTC.X $BSV.X $ETH.X If you are buying crypto on robinhood or webull there are serious problems.

They won't let you transfer them out, meaning you are stuck to buying and selling. You will be in a bad position when robinhood goes bankrupt from their dealings with Citadel.

Stick to Binance, Crypto.com, coinbase.. or other reputable brokers without a known tie to corruption.

$ETH.X Robinhood shit the bed again 🤣🤣🤣 can't buy Crypto. That's why you have to have more than one exchange $BTC.X $DOGE

$VXRT when everyone gets wrecked on $DOGE and loses their life savings that when $ALGO.X will ascend and $NLSP and $ZOM bies will be resurrected 🧟‍♂️

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