Gaming Companies Prepare to Expand Operations as Canada Inches Closer to Approving Single-Event Sports Betting $DKNG $ELYS $GMBL $IGT

$DKNG another week of shitty price action and head and shoulders I see you

$tdac if we break $13.40 resistance we should be well in $14 range. Will shorts cover now with clear signs of a marketing campaign in full swing or do they get trapped and squeezed when it’s too late and the buying volume picks up? Huge % of float shorted here. $DKNG

$SLGG 💎 don't miss the opportunities
Key points:
- no dept,
- huge potential,
- 180 million/monthly video views
- 1 million/monthly players
- 3.4 million registered users
- soon huge news 🔥🤩


if you don't own these then it's obvious why you don't have any friends

$PONGF tag other tickers let’s get above 6k watchers $DKNG $penn $Betz $GHACU online gambling is the future baby Atari casino launches April 28 get in 🚀

$DKNG NY is Atleast finalized w 2 other states coming

$DKNG I’ve got heavy call options exp 4/30. Let’s go to the moon baby📈🍻

Remember, latest 13F shows Wells Fargo owns 4,651,354 shares of $PSFE equal to $70,234,000.

Connect the dots, you dumb fuck bears.


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