$UAVS $DGLY You know I may never invest in another Kansas company again...disappointing owning these two with Zero ROI. Might buy a steak or ribs but not impressed with being a shareholder.

@ACInvestorBlog down significantly with $CLOV $VISL $DGLY $LIFE and $WNW. R u still holding? Don’t understand how you turned a profit with these tickers.

Monday's Top Market Hour Runners to be watched for potentially more upside continuation tomorrow - Brought to you by team Arcadia:

1. $DGLY +17.34%
2. $CSCW +16.94%
3. $BTN +16.13%
4. $NUAN +15.95%
5. $MUDS +15.12%
P.S. Some of these plays dropped a little in the afternoon because they have been up so much, doesn't mean they don't have more upside.

Team Arcadia is super friend

Closed up with unusually high vol today

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$EARS 50% trade right there ✅
At the beginning of April this was at $3 only and we found it🔥
The WE Team banked on this a few times already, don’t miss out anymore
Watching $DGLY $PT $ATNF now

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