RT@RionGull: Reason #7 Dash is my favorite #crypto

$DASH is secure.

Governments haven’t even started fighting crypto yet. When they do,…

3 Stocks To Avoid This Week: $GME $DASH $BLNK

"Expect $DASH to be one of the biggest sinkers in the next market correction given the limitations of its model."


@dukenukem3d@LongerThanLong You must be kidding, gamer kid. You think a couple of months is a long time? Sure, it might be in your short attention span gamer mind, but it’s not in the real world. I make money on LEAP puts. I watched with glee as $TLRY, $GPRO, and $BYND met their inevitable fates, and I’m doing the same with $DASH and $CVNA. There were lots of smug fanboys on the other scam stocks’ boards, too. I had the last laugh though, and I’ll laugh last at you, too. 😘

$CLOV $DASH $FB NEW ARTICLE : Why I'd Love to See a Chamath Palihapitiya SPAC Take Instacart Public… https://t.co/O7PjZcQPd5

$TSLA robinhood traders are impatient, they Only want daily record highs, like $DASH $GME etc bye Tesla, until next time

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$DASH Lmfao why is Doordash up right now? I don’t know why this making me laugh so hard 🤣

RT@IntuitiveAICODE: Free Live Market Feed Gives Billions to Investors Investing in DoorDash and Airbnb $DASH $TSLA $ABNB #investing #stock

$DASH Delivery Hero is going to take out WTRH, and the space will tighten further.

$DASH If this company has a red day they will go BK. Rooting for bears. Take all of it.

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