$XELA $BSQR $MRIN guys no one is selling in $CUEN shorts are trapped at 7 lol.

$PBTS Oh I almost forgot. Everyone completely overlooked this news from PBTS on their enormous agreement with Huawei to create the world's first "Smart" Customs system. Of course, usinf SmartFi WiFi -6.

Wasn't it $CUEN soaring on news they might open some Bodegas in a couple years after some months and months of testing?

But China is implementing WiFi-6 SmartFi now? With little PBTS?

Tell me again why $MRIN and $blin and $MEDS are flying?

Goota go. Fish are biting!

$blin Nailed the first popπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
11%+ winβœ… 6-6.7
Now we in for the second run, this time I want a NHOD
Watching $CUEN $BGI $ATHE &; $MRIN

People sell news. Buy rumour. This is entirely consistent with almost every stock. If News exceeds the rumour then it can create buying

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