$EDIT $CRSP in line for #RobinHood attention, and technology is THE perfect for the crowd! $ARKG moves above $100!

$CRSP What happened to your presentational pump ?! Why isn’t it 140?! MarcH DiPs ApRIl rIPs” Fools! SHEEP!!!You’re been tricked again by wallstreet. You lose !

$CRSP institutional ownership down 0.1% from 64.3% to 64.2%

$CRSP Why is this green, Mikey? I thought you had more power to keep it down lol 🧐

$CRSP comment sentiment on /r/wallstreetbets over the last 24 hours

Comment volume at topstonks.com/stocks/crsp?st_crsp

#crsp #WallStreetBets

$TGTX still holding 2/3 but sold 1/3 in January. Took a long break. Busy at work. Also still holding $CRSP Added today $MRSN and $gbio as an initial position as a longterm investment. Watchlist $BEAM hoping for a lower entry...... Greatings to the 2020Club-:)

$CRSP $U $ARKK wants to breakout over the bull flag...if it does.... majority of he holdings in the ETF will follow

$CRSP down your presentation did not hint confirmed

$CRSP ohhh you broke even? BULL TRAP to cuck you again.

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