$CRIS Is the number one chart on this power scan (accumulation/relative strength), thanks@PatternProfits for beautiful scan. $CPSH $POLA $EVLO

CPS Technologies Corporation Shares Close the Week 181.3% Higher - Weekly Wrap https://t.co/HCOQr84cbv $CPSH #stockmarket #kwhenfinance

After Hours Price Movement
βœ… $CCIV float 206m, up 11% after hours closed at 18.59
βœ… $IPOE Between 18 and 19 all day today, this will make a move tomorrow as its above vwap and pivot point and recent IPO, touched 22 few days back, watch it move tomorrow
βœ… $CPSH float 8m, up 15% afterhours

Anytime a stock move after hours always look for if its above VWAP and above pivot points, there is a good chance the stock will make a move next day. Attached is the indicator chart


$CPSH Started a new position space sector is about to go crazy. Added more $SGBX

$CPSH low float . Hang on to your shares . Defense contract to be announced

$CPSH not to worry PM. Same action as AH yesterday.

$CPSH lot of bag holders who didn’t even know what the company does and blindly FOMOed yesterday

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