Whenever #bitcoin spikes, Coinbase doesn't work.

Whenever #dogecoin and $GME spike, #RobinHood doesn't work.

Makes sense

$DOGE.X Made it to level .60 earlier but got my ass beat by the boss bear. WTF was the mage?@Jean_Grey

Backtracked to level 50 to farm for a bit.

On my way back up to kick that bear's ass, now.


@Twitty@theprivilegedwhiteboy@Spanic28@Waveguide@VickVinegar69@OldFngGuy@CashEmergentC those exchanges all have wallets you can track.

When $COIN for example has a bunch of $BTC.X purchased we can publicly track where the coins go. We don't know who owns the wallets they go to but we know when exchanges are having big withdrawals etc.

As far as I understand it anyway. That's why people think once the market realizes so much $BTC.X is actually already tied up it'll drive demand higher.

$COIN bought calls on the second dip. I think I am holding. Yellen was going to kill $BTC.X too right? 🤣

$COIN is looking like it’s going to $229 ... sorry guys. Marking this post


$DOGE.X $BTC.X $SPY $COIN $TSLA its not even close. Buffett has been doing this for 60+ years while lynch has a good run over 10-15 years. Buffetts extremely conservative lifestyle and investing practice is exactly what you would want for long term durable wealth creation

$DOGE.X $BTC.X $SPY $COIN $TSLA Where’s your DOLLARS? Not POGs. Dollars. 😂😂✌️ Peter Lynch- ..”the magnitude of his out-performance was so large that it’s statistically unlikely that his performance was due to luck.”
#investingnfts #epiceconomics 🌱✌️#WarrenBuffet vs. #peterlynch #stockpicking #markettechnician #investinyourself #gnln #thegem #usamso #marijuanamovement

$MARA not phased that $BTC.X is down since mara didn't go up anyways at $BTC.X high! Seems no direct correlation since the silly $COIN IPO

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