$DOGE.X + $MVIS + $CLSK +$OPTI , holding all this I think i will do GREAT!!


Wow that Bitcoin sure is expensive! Guess what has a small supply, a good price, and also mines renewable Bitcoin? $CLSK

$CLSK Afternoon raid. Now stop losses taken out. Lots of fools letting the big bad wolf grab their golden eggs. Incredible to watch retail really getting pissed on here.

$CLSK@RexFinance serious question. I know we are not selling all of the Bitcoin we mine. Do you happen to know how the saved coins will fall on the balance sheet? I know the sold would be revenue but with prices all over the place what asset class would that fall under? Any accountants out there feel free to answer as well. Thanks

$CLSK Let's see that push back to $30+ here πŸ’―πŸ€™

$CLSK couple more quarterlys and people won’t have to ask how Bitcoin plays into our green energy business. I get that the Market is rocky enough never mind this quiet period after offering, but there is no denying we are only going up as a company and the price action will catch up eventually

@boredatworktrader all depends I think with how much the shorts want to stick around. Check out $CLSK. ATH then short report comes and has never been the same since. Should be worth more than $RIOT &; $MARA

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