$CLOV should be $35-36 a share based on valuation and multiples

$CLOV I mean....I know why I'm here, but it does suck sitting still while other positions I took modest profit on to buy more here are blowing up . DPW, poww, etc...oh well lol

$CLOV I woke up, scratched my hairy stomach, saw red, and panic bought an additional 700 shares today, and went back to sleep. I don’t like to complicate my life 🤷🏼

$CLOV Best hope here is my girlfriend Cathy Woods buys here. Same as she did when OPEN was tanking.

$CLOV Okay folks what a topsy turvy day! Traded a few times to improve the average on the beat down. Got my average down to the low $14s. I’m stocked up with 8500 commons and 150 calls on this sweet assed dip! Hope you all didn’t listen to the bears who have been trying to cover all day. Keep loading the boat. Already rising in AH. This will be a $50-$100 stock this year. Millions to be made in this ticker if you buy and hold! All the right players are on the bus. 🐸🌈🚀💯

$CLOV any reason to hold this any longer? It has been heading down ever since the ticker changed from $IPOC. This money could be in on $CCIV !!!

$CLOV bears always proving themselves as morons. The market is volatile, of course you’re going to see red days/weeks.

$CLOV this is just backing up to drop off the bears before the seatbelts are required for the LAUNCH....BULLS ONLY allowed on the next lap. Have buy order in for some more $$$$$$

$CLOV whoever held until this point will be rewarded tmrw

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