$CCL This should help assuage any doubts or fears concerning the cruise industry. Probably the safest place to vacation with all the precautions they are implementing. Cruises or nowhere near a third or second world country environment, they are first class all the way!!


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I dumped Cruise line stocks for a decent profit that bought in April &; following Cathie wood on her new 2021 investment in ticker VIH (We are at the bottom now so the upside is favourable)


Current holds

$TWTR Puts. Make this company bleed 🩸

$CHWY Calls 📈💰

$TSLA Puts 🐖 📉

$CCL Puts 📉

$POWW 2,500 shares 💰💰💰💰

$BBBY These guys will benefit tremendously from stores being fully open, their omnichannel upgrades are in the very early innings of being upgraded. The other beneficiaries are the cruise lines, hotels and airplanes. I would shade more to cruise lines, the business traveller may be missing for a while. $SAVE $GOL $CCL

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