$TSLA I love this stock. Seriously. My favorite. Wish my wife was this stock. But she’s like $CCIV

@Sam2005@Bajirao1 I am very bullish on this stock and love it, and OP is clearly a moron... but for the record... it's currently at a 35B valuation post-merger. Current $CCIV shareholders will get a 16% share when ticker changes. So it's current 5.7B market cap today will translate to about 35B post-merger.

$CCIV Lol at this growing up Gotti bagholder pretending he‘s happy for the drop to buy more.🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

$CCIV always trust your guts when investing! And I feel great about this stock. Now I am just all about working harder to make faster more $ so I can buy more Lucid shares

$CCIV Google how many cars have 1000 horsepower and a top speed of 235mph. Then compare the car ‘price’ to Lucid. Then see how many series of that car it took for them to attain those numbers and the years it took..... Lucid has done it and they haven’t even released their first car.

$CCIV , tomorrow I am buying more, not to average my cost but because I like this company and what it will offer. I pray this is not RIDE or NKLA bullshit EV SPAC.

$CCIV *VIX (at 18)* bears go “omg market is crashing sell sell sell!” Bulls go: “it’s ok we can make our own decisions tyvm”. bears: *cry*

Bears can stick to Snap puts LOL

@drose36@ACInvestorBlog he pumps $FUBO $CLOV $CCIV $XL and bunch of other crap that’s down like 80%

Ticker: $CCIV; will soon be ticker: LCID; once the merger is complete.

Here's a timeline of catalysis for #Lucid Motors and a few challenges headed their way. Plus what price to set your stock alert for.


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