Good Morning! Here is this morning's pre-market #darkpool activity! $USO $BZ $HERO

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Today's Top Loser Play with over 2.0M Volume Watching these for potential bounce this week. Watchlist

1. $BZ -9.63% 3.1M VOLUME
2. $MOXC -9.3% 2.4M VOLUME
3. $CDEV -9.14% 11M VOLUME
4. $GBT -8.92% 2.9M VOLUME
5. $BCRX -8.76% 6.9M VOLUME

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Today's Top 5 Gainers Report:
$BZ (195%)
$NOVN (63%)
$BAOS (46%)
$UONE (32%)
$EQOS (32%)

If we missed a split/reverse split, let us know!

$IFBD $BZ $TASK $UONE $TKAT come show some love ๐Ÿ’• to the bird ๐Ÿฆ…

$RCON donโ€™t miss the ride just starting also watching $AMC $NOVN $BZ $UONE

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