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@popcorn911@KickingAssets Trade less, trade better. I'm not saying switch to ETFs necessarily, my biggest 4 positions which all LEAPs on stocks $INTC $BAC $BP $sne and as you can see they are varied, even in countries, all with solid fundamentals.. Do I speculate? Sure, do I scalp? Sure, that's what the extra cash is for, but I do not need to open long term positions on those trades or even watch them for long, once you get used to it, your eye should be able to do it quickly. I'm not against diversifying, I have semiconductors, finance, oil, and

$UVXY $BAC $BP $INTC $sne Good morning bulls, bears, sheep, hog, zombies, apes!

@OmegaCapital Under water? 25% of my portfolio is in $BP $BAC $sne $INTC 70% is cash, 5% is for these type of trades, do not worry about me buddy.

$MVIS $CLOV $BP $CVX $OEG I don't think ya'll understand, im getting Lana Rhoades after I drop this 40 piece tonight and $OEG is going to double digits tomorrow....

Gameplan for the week: close/exercise $BP calls, exercise $KMI calls, ride the wave on $CCIV &; $CLII calls. Browsing industrails and aerospace/defense for some summertime moves

Mon May 24th
Today's WORST performing sector just after the open:

Energy +0.1%

biggest 20 Energy stocks by mkt cap:
1) $PBR: +1.0%
2) $VLO: +0.8%
3) $PTR: +0.6%
4) $KMI: +0.4%
5) $BP: +0.3%

see all 20 here:,VLO,PTR,KMI,BP,CVX,PSX,EQNR,TOT,ENB,XOM,COP,RDS.B,TRP,CEO,SNP,SU,EPD,EOG,E&;name=Energy&;utm_medium=bot-post

WINSLOW ASSET MANAGEMENT INC,has filed Form 13F for Q1 2021.Opened NEW positions in $BA $BP $HA $IBM

$HUSA $MRO $ET $BP $OXY Oil likely going over $70+ in coming months💥 It’s only about time 🔥🔥

$VBHI is on the air strip now. Ready for takeoff. Get on the plane while it's on the ground. BIG companies and people are in and watching this stock. $OZSC $BTC.X $BP

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