$BNB.X how trustworthy is this coin?
And why can I ONLY purchase on Binance.US

$ELONGATE.X Check out elongate.cc everything you need to know about ElonGate token! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ Charity donations and community giveaways happening.

$SAFEMOON.X $pitbull.x $BNB.X $TSLA

@JaneDoe000 besides $BNB.X &; $KCS.X which other exchange coins do you think are benefitting from the COIN IPO?

$BNB.X best usa platform for margin trading? Everyone I try doesnt allow usa citizens

$BNB.X Waiting for a pull back to enter. I’m thinking 545.

$BNB.X Wow the price of Binance coin has gone insane after people need to buy it first to get $SAFEMOON.X $pitbull.x or $ELONGATE.X

@natervn it lets you buy other crypto.. it's the number one coin used on binance and other smart chain exchangea (like pancake swap) so people who want to buy something like $SAFEMOON.X have to first buy $BNB.X. Or people who want to buy $BTC.X on binance may trade BNB for it.. their native coin is also needed to pay the exchange and contract fees so it has a legitimate use case beyond trade..

The more people buying it (even as a middle man) the more the price can surge because you aren't going to be as patient waiting for a discount since the asset you are trading it f

$BNB.X bnb 580$, competitor voyager(vgx-bqx) is 5.50$, can’t you see the opportunity!!!! Token burn, token swap, Ny, Canada, Europe and credit, debit card is coming this year...75-80$ minimum this year...!!

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