$OBLN take dem profits to $BIOL, its cookin upπŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

$OBLN hope you guys are buying these dips, chart still has legs. It was trading at over $14 a year and half ago. $SNDL $CTRM $BIOL

$ASTI Good work on holding strong everyone! If you did not get in under $0.02 then you may want to get in under $.03 otherwise you will keep saying this as it climbs to $.10! Tomorrow the Dems take Over office and it is uphill then on when this Solar stock!


$BIOL Cant stop thinking about if BIOL Could pull a $GEVO run over time. Im gonna hold my shares for long 😎

$GEVO watch $BIOL!! im all in on Gevo average 6.85 and biol

$WATT $EARS $BIOL $HUSA $WWR Recent winners. January is shaping up like December. All the markets are strong! WATT… https://t.co/qMlshaeyaJ

$ZOM Big news on March 21, 2021. Do your own research for $BIOL , they merged with BMW and signed an Agreement with Dental Care Alliance to over 20 States and 330 affiliates. This is new new $ZOM and $BNGO , don't miss out!!! Laser technology changing the dental industry.

$SENS Deffo not too late to invest in this... once the 180 day battery life gets fda approval, this thing will skyrocket... not many institutions in this yet either, best get in this before it does a BNGO and leave the station without you!!! ALL ABOARD!!


$BIOL Don't just watch πŸ’₯KIQπŸ’₯ goes up.... You'll missed the bigger picture. πŸ‘ FORD F-150 after market conversion is completed and they will put it out on the market. πŸ‘


Stocks Moving Pre-Market, So Far...


Remember to Plan Your Entry/Exit, Verify Momentum First, Secure Profits and Cut Losses Quickly.

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$BIOL holding 5000 shares, but may have to sell half and add to my current $GEVO position for the next couple of days. It’s up almost 40% premarket and the party is just getting started over there off the back of the Biden/Frances Arnold news 😬 Hope I don’t regret it!

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