$AMZN E-commerce sector is getting primed for the Feb earnings run-up. Wall Street must be feeling extra greedy on this one.


$BIGC because of this junk I lost $PLUG
I will wait until earnings..

@NeverCertain because $BIGC just went ou pic last august, new to market, and because most users on $SHOP are quick stores that won’t ever expand or evolve

In terms of long growth and evolution of e-commerce $BIGC is the clear winner. That’s literally their whole competitive advantage and once e-commerce continues to evolve, more people will realize they can’t expand their Shopify store, all they can do is keep downloading outside apps.. bigc controls everything under their CMS $BIGC $SHOP

$BIGC I'll breakdown what the conference meant and what they're saying -- Please read to understand if you're lost

Headless eCommerce is the ability to connect multi storefronts (website, Insta checkout, Google Shopping, Amazon, etc). to be managed and handled all under ONE CMS (content management system).

This is HUGE for evolving online strategies and how retailers continue to connect to their consumers through multiple channel fronts. $BIGC was awarded the LEADER in Headless (Open Saas) e-commerce and is now benefiting NET revenue from their partnership

$BIGC they are a 100% e commerce SaaS and will be putting all energy into their platform while their competitors focus on ecommerce as an afterthought or are focusing their more energy into thing such as payment and fulfillments.

their platform is for ease of use for merchants to set up and start selling

$BIGC didn't understand much in the conference but everything sounded like they do better things than shopify

@jisifu hahaha bro buy and hold... and don't think about it. This presentation confirmed everything I was betting on... headless and open SaaS ecommerce will dominate going forward, and they are industry leaders in headless and open ecommerce $BIGC

$BIGC this interview is too technical for me. i'm too dumb to invest in bigc. bye bye all

$BIGC BIGC CEO " $SHOP doesn't rank in Headless ecommerce like we do, because they can't do headless B2B and B2C ecommerce.. "

LOVE to hear it... I've been saying it, headless and open SaaS will be the future of ecommerce and BIGC is already the industry leader


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