@crieger1 I love paysafe but disagree with it having more future potential. One thing I failed to mention earlier though is the bft deal was not kind to the spac shareholders. We got a much smaller piece of the pie that is typical. Maybe the larger piece of the pie, no debt, and percent revenue growth allows $APXT to move faster around the merger than $BFT.

$IPOE There will be high chance that folks like me leaving Robinhood soon for Sofi. They beat RH in the early stage IPO investing and is ready for retail investors. NTM growth is estimated at 58%, better than $BFT $FTOC $FUSE $SQ $PYPL. So they are just starting to grow. Finally, I like Anthony Noto and its going to be the closest competitor to RH.
So, I got the 20$ 2022 calls long time back and bought the calls again during the dip to average them them, accumulating more shares whenever it dips. Also, on the side selling covered calls to generate more on t

$BFT at this point I have as much confidence making money on this than in $SAFEMOON.X .

And if got to get F*** I rather it is by a bunch of cool mf than old bill Foley

$BFT damn... first $ALGO.X now big f’n turd/tits? I got played today lol. Congrats.

$BFT $APXT $DMYD $IPOE Long Term Winners . Numbers will speak for itself. Short term no one gives a fuck. These are not your regular SPACs . Keep on shorting them to get fucked


Money is going to start to cycle back into GROWTH. Watch and see. In a few weeks you will be seeing this headline all over the place:


$BFT BFTWS is the warrant ticker, they are trading at 4.90

$tdac this and $BFT are the only SPACS I have in my portfolio.

$BFT I am expecting warrants become paysafe warrants. Right?

$BFT Im bullish but not buying anything here staying with my original positions...Show me the $$$$ $BFT ....id rather add higher.....

I am pretty sure Foley wants to change BFT ticker to PSFE (Paysafe) on Wednesday as this is the last day of the quarter and the day hedge funds reallocate their funds. Should be a fun day.

$BFT Let's run up to $19 before next Wednesday....

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