$WISH $BBIG $RCON $AKBA Slow trading day so far. These will all have their days soon!

$BBIG starting to make a little bit of a rumble. Still waiting on our $MRIN pop. 20% short here should shoot up quick when it goes

$SNPR Volta July 16 calls for 0.10 CHEAP premium for the stock to move .04 cents. Buy a call and buy a few shares. $CLOV $wkhs $WISH $BBIG. Can easily be a ten bagger. Shareholder vote right around the corner. Not financial advice

$BBIG just waiting for our $MRIN pop. Right now shorts are holding this in place and volume will move this very very quickly. Almost 20% short on this one now

@shockexchange101@edmundhaley $BBIG How certain are you of Lomotifs revenues? You do realize $FB revenues were $83B nearly all from paid marketing and ads? The apps that track app transactions and revenues are all based on in-app or paid apps. You do realize this is near zero for all major apps $snap $FB as these apps are free on iOS and Google Play. Unless you’ve reviewed tax filings for Lomotif Private Limited in Singapore then I’d be careful with your assumptions, I believe they’re way off. An easy way to equate revenues is simply count downloads and users of the

Top 3 SEC Filings on Quantisnow today:

1. $HITI 📜 SEC Form 6-K filed by High Tide Inc.: https://quantisnow.com/insight/1053257?s=qnps
2. $BBIG 📜 SEC Form SC 13G/A filed by Vinco Ventures, Inc. (Amendment): https://quantisnow.com/insight/1054983?s=qnps
3. $SPCE 📜 SEC Form S-3/A filed by Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc. (Amendment): https://quantisnow.com/insight/1060346?s=qnps

$BBIG $AHT Take what’s left of your money and move to $ORPH this bitch sees 50% from here at least.

$BBIG your god has abandoned you and is pumping $WISH now, act accordingly

$WISH Bought @ 10.05 for swing, buying $BBIG &; $QS for my swing portfolio as well.

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