$BB it's not about the destination, it's about the ride $BB $RMO $PLTR $SONM $GNOG

40.04% short on this stock. See $GME $AMC $BB and the price goes i up simple

$SPY For a Market that has been slammed by HFT to the downside since the Open its Holding up really well, Another interesting day ahead when they Cover &; go home flat


$PLTR buy the dip and avenge down people. Come on diamond hands. We can do this $GME $AMC $BB We are all Wall Street Bets

$AMC This pocket pivot doesn't look promising for anyone shorting AMC

For rest of the WSB crew this might be something interesting :)


How it feels holding with you all you fuckers today....DIAMOND HANDS BOYS LETS GOOOOOOOO

"VLAD!! JUST ANSWER YES OR NO!!!" "That's a great question, when I was a boy I was born in Bulgaria a country on the verge......"

RT@LloydVChristmas: When the overnight futures go 🔴🟢.
🧨 fam.

RT@Paulyy_K: Bought the dip today for the below:
$BB leap calls

BUY when there’s blood on the streets!


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