$BRK-B 7,018 B in quarterly operating earnings motherfookers. 28B annually... OPERATING EARNINGS..... This has nothing to do with portfolio gains like $AAPL or $BAC ... $300 coming fast !!!

Thinking about trading options or stock in Advanced Micro Devices, Ford, General Motors, Bank of America, or Carnival Corp? $AMD $BAC $CCL $F $GM


AI Bot dark pool program call, some multiple times before they ran. These are called by a computer system based on short term/ long term dark pool equity.
$SE 160 $
$BAC 24.21 $

$C Under Obama corporate tax rate was as high as 35%. Citi traded on an average PE of about 13 in that time frame @ 9.5 now. Might be bumpy for a while but averages will work out, for all banks, just chose $C for reference. Raising corporate taxes is bad in that some corporations will flee to charter elsewhere, but for capital gains it's about time hedge fund managers paid their share. How many people do you know making in excess of a million in cap gains a year?? and would you feel bad for them to be taxed as normal income for that?


$C $BAC it's my after tax earnings, it's me taking the risk, and then you get 43.4% for letting me play the game?

Let's take a look at a luxury tax instead

$C Why does $BAC have a Price/BV ratio of 1.33 while Citi has a Price/BV ratio of .8...

Makes me think the market hasn’t realized the value of Citi yet 🏙

Still holding $C $BAC and $GE leap calls. I don’t like how the stock market is playing currently but long term I think we’re still going up.

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