$BABA going to repost this..the only thing that has changed...is that Charlie munger dropped 37 million in baba...and China central bank has admitted they are working with ANT group to develop their digital currency! High time for bears to have their ass probed!

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$BABA This undervalued tech monster needs a snort of Viagra.

$BABA one giant tech stock that is just stuck in the mud. When it finally gets free ? it is going to run like a horse.

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$BABA This has been beaten up badly. No doubt that it will beat earnings and I think prior to that, this stock will pop! If not, wait for earnings and run up big time. $300 calls in Aug should be in play and achievable, IMO. Good luck bag holding!

$SPY Lets not have a blazing hot run into the Open again, too easy to sell into. We're getting the Sell In May crew out slowly but surely, they'll jump back in later chasing the FOMO


$BABA The big positive I see on this board today is that I don't see many $270 or $300 or even $500 price targets and that's a healthy sign.

Did the bulls give up with this nonstop one step forward two stpes back price action? It's really hard to be bullish now with $SPY at all time highs and who knows what the big tutes are going to use to pull the market down.

All the big techs ($AAPL) price action is not looking good. Just flush it and start the next leg already as it's a slow grind down for techs and particularly semis, they are taken to

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