I’ve been way more conservative Q1 this year taking more small wins and letting them compound to build a comfortable cushion so I can start setting up some bigger swings in Q2. This is just my top 10 out of 55 successful trades so far 2021. UWMC is my biggest loss this year but overall I’m still up nice. $CCIV $AMC $SNDL $TSLA $BA

$SPY $AAPL $BA $TLRY πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ”‹πŸ”‹πŸš€πŸš€

$SPY Oh &; contrary to what's been said I am not a talking Bull πŸ˜‚@Buzzdaq


$SPY Linda has been around for a long time &; has made it clear that all the bs you hear the Analyst &; talking-heads spewing today as to why the Market is down will be completely contradicted by a new set of fools tomorrow, no your chart that has been wrong for 6 years isnt right today because the Mrkt is down, you just happen to be on the right side this morning :o)


$BYND Ted Cruz is a legend !!! He dipped to cancun yesterday while Texas in state of emergency lmaoooo $SPY $QQQ $BA

πŸ™‹ The sunshine always come after the rain.
Opportunity to buy in cheap.

@Trade_Cat@HollywoodWolf777 If the idea of "discounted cash flow" is not new to you, then it will make very much sense to buy $BA or airlines before demand catches up


Warren Buffet selling then everyone’s selling

$SPY yeah! You should back up $BA Boeing and $AAPL if you want to survive this today

$BA if I had to guess I’m guessing Boeing will be down on the Airbus News πŸ—ž

$djia $DIA $SPY $RUT

$ERJ $BA it’s a paradigm shift and we have the competitive advantage $BA only wishes they did... EMBRAER is worth way more than the pennies BOEING was offering for it, awesome that deal fell through

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