$DOGE.X lol dummies buying with NO USE CASE - this is worthless. The smart money is INVESTING (not speculating) long term in $HBAR.X alongside council members $GOOG , $IBM , $BA , standard bank (africa's biggest bank), shinhan bank (korea's biggest bank) etc!

$BA buy shares or 1 year out leaps and enjoy the ride to $350

$BLDP is overvalued. Time to switch to $ADN my friends!

They are going to partner with $BA.
DoD is already working with them. $FCEL is one of their customers.

$SPY Im sure Buffett is more annoyed that the past 2 years he hasn't been able to sit next to Becky, He's always had a crush on her &; why she has always gotten this access &; she would always make sure Buffett was, shall we say "happy" when they sat together #EyesUpHereWarren 😊


RT@Vijayraj11122: Thanks for the $1k

Best stock trade Group out there!



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Get ahead of the trend here at Xtraders

Congrats to all who played!

See you tomorrow📈

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