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$AYTU $7.91 book share value. This went to $8+ in pre market! Get ready to squeeze!!! Bears will be forced to cover for a premium like they did on $RMED $AMC $KOSS and others 🚀🚀🚀

$AYTU I have never had luck in this. Let me try tonight

$AYTU I smile so as not to cry. history repeats itself. we are deluded

$AYTU Don't forget to give@SWICH a follow and join his discord for more information on how to pump and attract more bagholders ♥️. They did a great job for us this morning.

$AYTU if you like dilution and offerings, this one's for you!

$AYTU Buying my shares back. This is the next $RMED Buying heavy on the dips, sell the rips!!!
In for a daytrade 🔥🔥🔥 $LEDS $AMC $BB

$AYTU working hard for the money ,Congrats to everyone on here. Also please look into the Pre-IPOs i am placing a link for ACCESS to Pre-IPOs. Good luck cowboys!

$AYTU this will pop trading 212 has issues with some stocks including this one once resolved could see a way back up to $6

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