$CRMD FDA approval next week sends this to $30, $ATOS FDA approval for Covid nasal spray sends this parabolic πŸ‘


Monthly OPEX pins falling off EOD;

Monday is groundhog day for bears 🐻

My can't lose stocks and future runners if you're PAYtient $ATOS $OCGN $TRIT $TNXP $ZOM πŸ€™

$ATOS $OCGN everyone talked a lot shit on OCGN board when it was under $1, same thing happening with $ATOS, watch this fly to 10+ , I been steady finding all the hidden gems and banking big time


Paper hands gang around here

If you're selling your assets during pullbacks you're doing this wrong

Start hedging aggresively by selling options against your shares

Use premium collected to average down or set up a bearish spread. No reason you should be losing money whether the market goes up or down if you learn how to hedge πŸ¦” properly

$AGTC $SFOR $ATOS $SOS $HEXO Sigh...to not have any liquid cash to add on days like this...FML!

$ATOS it hurts knowing people are against this company. Atos is wonderful. Atos is like $TSLA to cancer and $nflx $PFE $MRNA to nasal. Everyone is going to need it. Be human for once and help safe lives!

$SLRX how long you think short hedge funds can handle this here lol! Same like did in $OCGN and $ATOS

$LGHL just the beginning but it pays to be early :)
PT 8+
long term 50
next on my wl $TANH $KXIN $MITT $ATOS

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