$DOGE.X buy anywhere but robinhood. It won't make the price climb because robinhood owns shares. Buy with a wallet. Robinhood knows you'll sell. Last time it went to .08 it dropped to .055 along with our portfolio. Buy $ATNF. This is o ly happe ibg so robinhood can cover when it pops due to the squeeze

$DOGE.X take your profits to $ATNF the hedges are making dogecoin pop as a distraction. There are better cryptos anyway

$DOGE.X just my luck..... I got frustrated and sold a few weeks ago..... now FOMO but out of coins..... visit us over at $ATNF jump in before power hour

$EBON $TIRX $AAPL $DOGE.X $ATNF Another great week i’ve made $5k to $40k after joined this room stocktwits.com/bernardrodriguez/message/312604149

$ATNF dogecoin $DOGE.X went up like this last time $GME was squeezed, like a distraction for robinhood newbies. I have a good feeling about their knowing they need to cover for $ATNF

$DOGE-X I love all of you. Don't hate me for doing this but this isn't some meme bullshit. Look at the DD, $ATNF is ready to gamma squeeze and short squeeze just like SAVA did. If EEENF can get 20k watchers for almost finding oil in Alaska, certainly and undervalued, over shorted pharma play with a Nobel prize winner on the board can get 50k. Small float, it's going to fly on Friday when the calls expire ITM. Numbers are updated today and they don't lie. We need to spread the word, together we fly. $GME

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