$ARKK $BTC.X $DOGE.X $SPY if you had an ultimatum- 5X your money over the next 12-24 months or be killed. Where would you put it?

@ScriptumFin Parallel with $TSLA / $ARKK galaxy quite something

$OPEN $NNDM $ARKQ $ARKF $ARKK yes actually they make money by shorting she is a big short seller what ever she buys gets shorted

$OPEN $NNDM Cathie adds bigly..
These days it means, the stock will come under increased short attack. $ARKQ $ARKF $ARKK


Michael Cassandra Burry gets shut down by the #sec. Mommy Cathie and Elon are free to pump! $TSLA $ARKK $BTC.X $SPY $DOGE.X

37% of Americans’ investment decisions are inspired by Elon Musk’s tweets


The survey was conducted nationwide in the U.S. in addition to Feb. 6 and Feb. 8 and venerated 30,400 responses from adults.

48% percent of the partici

$SPY $QQQ $ARKK $ARKW $TSLA No doubt a repost, but when one of the greatest living investors responds directly to one of the greatest living innovators, it merits reading: https://twitter.com/CathieDWood/status/1381230146502414337

$PLTR $NNOX $ARKK $GME Hedge funds like Citadel can naked short all they want under the Biden admin. Retail investors are in the crosshairs. They are going after all the popular retail owned stocks.

$SQ posted this last week... sold 3/4 and still holding 1/4 the position with covered calls against them at 275 by next Friday... hope they don’t hit... LETS MAKE SOME GUAP BABY $TSLA $SPY $QQQ $ARKK

$CRSP $U $ARKK wants to breakout over the bull flag...if it does.... majority of he holdings in the ETF will follow


$PLTR $ARKK $NNDM Is this what happens when the fox is guarding the hen house?

$PLTR such large volume is cathy $ARKK buying the whole company?

$PLTR Ever since Biden got elected, hedge funds like Citadel have been shorting the sh*t out of every retail held stock. Bloodbath everywhere I look. I guess this is the new norm. Starting to miss Trump now! Biden sold us out to hedgies. $ARKK

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