$EDIT $CRSP in line for #RobinHood attention, and technology is THE perfect for the crowd! $ARKG moves above $100!

$INO as much as Inovio is slow in releasing data to share holders , the Covid-19 problem is not over. It hurts to be a bag holder but good results of phase1 is keeping our faith for the long haul. They arevtrashing $TSLA as well. They are tradhing ARK funds as well $ARKG $ARKX . Belief that shorting is the only way will lose steam soon. https://www.ibtimes.com/?utm_source=smartnews&;utm_medium=&;utm_campaign=_key_points

Top tickers from the Smart Money ETFs Weekly Recap this week courtesy of real-time alerts and dashboard from https://insiderfinance.io:
1. SPY: 218M ask premium (806 Sweeps)
2. QQQ: 67M ask premium (148 Sweeps)
3. IWM: 47M ask premium (35 Sweeps)
4. CPNG: 9M ask premium (0 Sweeps)
5. XLE: 7M ask premium (12 Sweeps)
6. $TQQQ: 7M ask premium (14 Sweeps)
7. $ARKG: 5M ask premium (1 Sweeps)
8. $ARKK: 5M ask premium (7 Sweeps)
9. $EEM: 5M ask premium (1 Sweeps)
10. $TLT: 5M ask premium (17 Sweeps)
11. EWZ: 4M ask premium (15 Sweeps)
12. GDX: 4M ask premium

I get the feeling that $ARKK $ARKG will be very interested in $SRNGU's collaboration for biosynthetic cannabinoids with $CRON as well as all the other great things Ginkgo does.

$SRNGU if the rumor is true. I can see Cathie adding to $ARKG


$NNOX the discussion around this company is getting HOT!!
ARK is IN. $ARKW $ARKG Loading more tomorrow.

$NNOX this will go through the roof tomorrow. FDA approval for ground breaking xray technology which short sellers said could not exist. $ARKW , $ARKK , $ARKG

#ARK Investment Management Trades: 3/24/2021

Decent sized adds into $U $ZM $PLTR 🍦
B… https://t.co/4b598GbGIp

Three of the smartest people in investing absolutely $BFLY:

Cathie Wood at $ARKG
Bill Gates
William @ NextLevelTrading.com(me!)


Let's go!

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