$APXT wtf... Let's hope the inflation data is good

$APXT here comes the Sun. I See the snow is.... the Sun Will come again.

$NUAN Keeping an eye on $APXT AvePoint now. Future buyout from M$

$RICE Top SPACS heading into the opening bell...🍀🤑💲🔋🌟✨

Do we really think a price pullback will still happen after merger? I feel like these plays are already beat down so far that any pullback just doesn’t make sense at this point. I know a lot of ppl buy for the merger run up, but there’s no run up anymore. You would think those people are now out of the stock, no?

Lets see what my portfolio brings me this week considering markets finally coming back??? or is it... $IMTE $MOGO $ATNF $CTRM $APXT

$APXT u could have bought XRP at 0.20 made crazy money instead dealing with a scam Spac

$APXT to be honest, I don’t think we’ll see any price action once merger is announced. I have 2 SPAC’s that announced their mergers for later this month and nothing happened to their price.
I wish it would tbh, I’ve got so much money in this and am very down

$SOS join the party🔥🌙🚀 short squeeze $SPCE $sunw $APXT $NNDM 🚀🚀🚀

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