$BB Remember when $AMD was 7 bucks? I think that was about 2 1/2 years ago.

$PLUG $AMD $TMUS and even stocks like $FCEL To those who seen this watchlist I posted from March 13th of 2020 when I spoke about $TTNP and most importantly the above referenced stocks congrats on the grinding day in and day out!! Even thought not all had a good year. They all have hit 100% plus days. Due diligence is key in todays market, consistency, and doing homework. I hope all of you who have held, bought, and or traded, made some significant gains. Some of these stocks include some penny stocks, to some of the better ones, such as $AMD and {$id:3471

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RT@ZeroGravitymke: Top Bullish Option Flow Today:

1. $ZM 2. $TSLA 3. $FB 4. $AAPL 5. $AMD 6. $NIO 7. $IWM 8. $GME 9. $CCIV 10. $ENPH htt…

$LAC here I go again. For the last 5 years all $AMD everyone did was say apple, apple, apple. Now Tesla Tesla $TESLA

$AMD is still destroying $INTC.
Why is Intel up and AMD down off this news? Usually stocks continue dropping when CEOs depart. I’m staying with AMD here. It’s an easy add if not already it. Should see $105-$110 by February.

$AMD grabbed a fresh set of calls here 🤑🤑🤑

$AMD this should have popped over $100 this week. It’s only a short matter of time to retest $99 and finally see those triple digits!

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