$CCIV Compare $CCIV @17.97 and CCIV/WS $6.6 to $AMCI @ 17.93 and AMCIW $3.75 (1 common share for 1 warrant) how does that make any sense. AMCIW s are so damn cheap..

$GEVO if you’re in here you need to check out $ENG (most undervalued hydrogen play) gonna pull a similar move to 10+ sooner than later. $AMCI $HTOO $WWR

$AMCI we bout to get paid this week ladies and gentlemen, it is so obvious we will see at least 20-30% gains this week, barring catastrophe. $STPK $NGA $NBAC $LAC

Biggest holding $AMCI loaded up on $GHIV and I’m ready to buy some more $CLOV and $CCIV tomorrow!! Let’s get F*ing Rich!!!πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ™πŸ»

$GMPW - New SPAC being announced tomorrow



$GMPW a new SPAC being announced tomorrow! πŸ’‹πŸ³

NIHK is another new SPAC (EV)


My thoughts for the coming week:

$CCIV has a lot of potential assuming Lucid rumors are true. Many signs point to it being true. $50 PT conservatively within a week of announcement. $35 on announcement.

Some other interesting picks are: $WIMI and $HEC I’m very bullish on these two for long term holds. $IPOE (SoFi) is another long hold for me.

$AMCI is also looking undervalued given competition is much higher market cap wise. FCEL and PLUG are it’s competition.

RMO will make a comeback this week. Signs point to oversold. Crypto mining stocks are ma

$AMCI $CCIV I dont get the fear over protests equating to pull back in the markets. I know it happens but I think the fearful need reason to be fearful and it always runs more than the pullback. Timing an exit and reentry is impossible and those that try always get burned.

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