$ALTU $ACIC $HOL $SPCE $THCB will buy. You want in before they do. You can even have a better average than them. Just read this DD on ALTU

$ALTU don’t be sleeping on this SPAC, or you will miss out, yes I am talking to you owners of $HOL $CCIV $PSAC $SPCE

$ALTU $CCIV $QS $LAZR $HOL you guys like big spacs, check ALTU( Aerion) Disruptive tech and 7billion in preorders. Backed by Boeing and GE

$TRCH got in let’s go boys.

$HOL apologises but $ALTU is better alternative

Will be entering $ALTU on a dip today, and am looking for sub 10-9 for $KMPH

$ALTU $sbe hit a $100 after announcement correct not just I’m rumors??

$SQ $TSLA $SPY Come do your DD on $ALTU next SPAC 1000% runner. Very low market cap of 350 Million with a deal valued at 3 Billion with the first supersonic aviation company linked to NASA and Boeing. What else do u need here?

$ALTU Bloomberg rumor to merge with Aerion Supersonic with $3 billion valuation. ALTU is lead by Gavin Isaac director of $DKNG

👍Top 5 Trending Tickers on Twitter, Discord, StockTwits and Yahoo! message boards👌

1. $RIOT
2. $TSLA
3. $EBON
4. $ALTU
5. $SOS

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