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$ALT Exciting week ahead! Happy Monday ALTonians!!! I hopped into $ORPH for this shirt squeeze today hope it pays off! Need some more money for $ALT shares before we rup and run!

$ALT “As GI intolerability is a significant limiting factor with all current GLP-1 based treatments, an improved tolerability profile is expected to be regarded favorably among clinicians. We look forward to a readout from the study in the second quarter of 2021, which could support strong competitive positioning for ALT-801 in the NASH treatment landscape.”

$ALT Yasmeen has had AMPLE opportunity to rescind her $80 price target over the past 12 months, and what does she do? Just keeps affirming that insanely, ridiculously, preposterously high target. I’m adding a few hundred more shares tomorrow in honor of her stubbornness.

@telluric fascinating. @ 19 minutes he claims no papers on chronic disease present before 1879, the year of the first incandescent bulb. Then connects Doug Wallace claim that 85-90 percent of human disease has mitochondrial origin, with altered consumption of light frequencies as driver. With the focus on anti-diabetic/metabolic mechanisms, I have a long term bet that $ALT GLP-1 will prove to be key support in the neurodegenerative space.

a favorite point @ 26 minutes: at the heart of cellular process, "light is an electro-magnetic wave that changes to an electro-mechan

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